Hair Care TON oil mask

Hair Care Ton Oil Mask: New Name, New Design, New Possibilities

Introducing the Hair Care Ton Oil Mask, formerly recognized as the Ryabina Ton Oil Mask! Acme-Color, the Ukrainian brand, in September 2023 has revealed the revamped collection of toning hair masks under this new name. This enhancement brings forth 10 fresh shades, providing you the opportunity to attain vibrant and natural hair colors.

The Hair Care Ton Oil Mask stands out as a distinctive product, seamlessly blending two functions into one: toning and hair care. This multifaceted mask not only nourishes, moisturizes, and shields strands from potential damage but also imparts the desired shade to the hair.

Crafted with a phyto complex featuring rowan extract, the mask’s formula ensures profound nourishment for the hair, fostering strength and promoting growth. Moreover, the inclusion of natural oils in the mask enhances the hair’s luster and silkiness.

Key highlights of the updated mask include:

  • Functions as intensive care + lamination: The mask forms a safeguarding layer on the hair, shielding it from harm and delivering a brilliant, diamond-like shine.

  • Scalp care: A blend of natural ingredients in the formula hydrates and cares for the scalp, averting dryness and flakiness.

  • Effortless application: With its creamy consistency, the mask effortlessly spreads through the hair.

Achieving toned hair with the Hair Care Ton Oil Mask is a swift and safe process. In just half an hour, you can revel in a fresh color while nurturing the health of your hair.