Career at ACME


We maintain a socially responsible position in the field of employment and provide appropriate jobs for people with disabilities, people with additional guarantees in employment and young professionals. The Company promotes the professional and personal development of its employees in every possible way by holding training events at the Company’s divisions and through online training to ensure continuous professional development of specialists, despite the existing working and living conditions.
In order to retain qualified personnel, we have successfully implemented remote work for employees of certain types of activities, and we provide assistance in organizing a workplace at home to our employees, as required due to the forced change of the month of residence, etc.


The company, like its products, is created for people. We are always focused on renewing our team and adding promising and proactive colleagues, giving them the opportunity to realize their previous experience for the benefit of our company. Also, we highly value employees who are ready to develop within the company and gradually master new and interesting functionality. We consciously give preference to internal personnel reserves in the formation of the team in order to raise universal specialists. Comprehensive assistance in consolidating theoretical knowledge in practice, simplification and optimization of processes, introduction of the latest technologies

Career at ACME​

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