Introducing the Latest from ACME-COLOR: 6 Vibrant Toning Shades with Henna Extract

ACME-COLOR BEAUTY, a Ukrainian brand, in September 2023 presented the BEAUTY PHYTO COLOR line, featuring 6 lively shades that let you achieve rich, natural hair colors — from a soft strawberry blonde to a bold black coffee hue.

BEAUTY PHYTO COLOR is crafted without ammonia or any aggressive ingredients, ensuring a gentle and safe experience for both your hair and scalp. The key strength of this hair toner lies in its formulation, enriched with precious henna extract. Beyond merely preventing damage to the hair structure, it tenderly shields strands throughout and after the coloring process, resulting in hair that is remarkably shiny, soft, and silky.

BEAUTY PHYTO COLOR is ideal for those new to hair coloring, given its user-friendly nature. This toner doesn’t necessitate an oxidizer and applies smoothly and uniformly. It offers versatility, whether you aim to rejuvenate your hair color, explore a fresh appearance, or discreetly cover gray hair.

The BEAUTY PHYTO COLOR kit comes complete with O’berig shampoo featuring white clay. This shampoo serves as an excellent prelude to the toning process, adeptly purifying the hair by removing impurities, dead cells, and excess sebum.

Transforming your hair color with BEAUTY PHYTO COLOR is a simple and safe method that preserves your hair’s structural integrity. This toner enables you to attain vibrant and natural colors while ensuring optimal care for your hair.