Clear Color Hair Expert by jNOWA Professional

Clear Color Hair Expert: A Revolution in Hair Dye Removal

2024 kicked off with a true revolution in the field of hair coloring as jNOWA Professional unveiled its innovative technology for hair color removal, Clear Color Hair Expert.

Clear Color Hair Expert introduces a groundbreaking formula crafted exclusively for professional use. It offers the capability to eliminate even the most resilient dyes without compromising the hair’s integrity. This revolutionary technology empowers hairstylists and colorists with boundless creative freedom, ensuring a safe and effortless process:

  • Swift and efficient removal of artificial pigments, encompassing dark and vivid tones

  • Preservation of hair health and strength throughout the procedure

  • Seamless correction of unsuccessful dye applications and achieving clients’ desired hair hues

Clear Color Hair Expert is like a breath of fresh air for anyone seeking a major style transformation or wishing to eliminate an unwanted shade after a dye mishap. It also helps in prepping the hair for a new coloring session, ensuring a long-lasting and uniform result.

Benefits of Clear Color Hair Expert:

  • Provides quick and dependable outcomes

  • Nurtures the hair throughout the process

  • Simple to use

  • Effective in removing nearly all types of dyes (except henna and basma)

Clear Color Hair Expert: Discover new horizons in hair coloring!