“Beauty Istambul” 2023

ACME at Beauty Istanbul 2023: A Refined Blend of Innovation and Beauty

This year, ACME was thrilled to feature Ukrainian cosmetics brands at Beauty Istanbul 2023, the biggest global expo for skincare and hair care. Being part of this influential event not only highlighted our leading role but also allowed us a special chance to showcase the top-notch quality and innovation in the Ukrainian beauty industry.

This occasion truly embodied a fusion of style and technology, with science seamlessly intertwining with beauty. The vibrant atmosphere of the exhibition was crafted by a dynamic community, bringing together representatives from 122 countries. The magnitude of the event unfolded through more than a thousand meetings and presentations.

Beauty Istanbul serves as a gathering ground for industry leaders to delve into trends, share ideas, and chart the course for the future of the sector. Our involvement in this event meant more than just acknowledgment; it was a chance to fortify our global reputation. We’re proud that every ACME product garnered attention alongside well-known global brands.

The ACME team didn’t just unveil innovative solutions; we also divulged secrets for nurturing healthy and beautiful hair and skin. Every interaction with industry experts evolved into a stride towards new heights. Beauty Istanbul 2023 served as the stage where, together, we broadened the horizons of what’s possible.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone who stopped by our booth at the exhibition. Your support means more than just acknowledging our work; it’s a passionate motivation for us to explore, evolve, and flourish. Beauty Istanbul 2023 played out not just as an event but as a creative journey where we played a part in shaping the history of beauty and development.