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The 30th anniversary of the Kyiv Chestnut Run: Uniting for Sports and Good Causes

On May 28, 2023, ACME had the honor of joining the milestone 30th Chestnut Run. This significant event not only united our sports community but also brought together all those passionate about Ukraine’s future. The date of the run coincided with Chemist’s Day, the professional holiday of those who care about our beauty by creating safe and beneficial cosmetic products.

The run is a traditional event held to align with Kyiv Day, and this time it symbolized the unity, strength, and resilience of our people. Along the picturesque embankment in the town of Ukrainka, ACME employees from all over Ukraine gathered to cover a symbolic 5 kilometers in support of Ukrainian children’s hearts.

Thanks to the collective efforts of the run participants, we managed to raise 1,000,000 hryvnias for the Center for Pediatric Cardiac Surgery of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. These funds will be used to purchase an operating table, which will help save the lives of children with heart defects.

In addition to aiding the Center for Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, this year’s Chestnut Run also supported the SMART Medical Aid foundation. The funds raised will go towards acquiring 2 ambulances for providing emergency medical assistance in the frontline areas.

The 30th Chestnut Run became a genuine celebration of sports and philanthropy. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who joined this event! Together, we’re making Ukraine stronger, healthier, and better!