XII фестиваль «Діти за майбутнє України»

ACME shines alongside talents at the XII “Children for the Future of Ukraine” Festival

ACME proudly shares the joy of participation in the XII “Children for the Future of Ukraine” Festival. In these dark times for our country, when the enemy has encroached upon our peaceful land, this festival has become a celebration of talents, unity, and unyielding spirit, offering all participants unforgettable experiences and a boost of inspiration.

In the past two years, the world has been engulfed in an atmosphere of anxiety and uncertainty. The phrase “it’s the wrong time now” has become a sort of motto, preventing us from rejoicing, dreaming, and striving for better.

But at the “Children for the Future of Ukraine” festival, this phrase lost its power. Young talents from all over Ukraine shone on stage, giving us sincere smiles, touching songs, lively dances, and their incredible zest for life. Their sincerity, determination, and belief in the future reminded us that life doesn’t stand still; it unfolds with every moment.

We express our sincere gratitude to our steadfast defenders, who, risking their own lives, keep the sky above our heads. Their courage and selflessness provide the opportunity to bring happiness to children, inspiring us to new achievements.

We extend our gratitude to the organizers, the International Fund F. Generation, for their tireless support of talented children in Ukraine. Thanks to your dedicated work and genuine love for kids, the “Children for the Future of Ukraine” festival has become a true celebration, instilling faith in the bright future of our country.

ACME is proud to have been part of this celebration of talent and sincerely believes that every child in Ukraine deserves a happy childhood, the opportunity to develop their abilities, and the realization of their dreams!