RE:FORM ензимна пудра для шкіри голови та рідкі блиск-кристали

Unlock Boundless Possibilities with RE:FORM

RE:FORM is a brand known for its dedication to innovation, bringing customers the most recent advancements in beauty and hair care. Our products feature exclusive formulas crafted with natural ingredients.

In August 2023, we were excited to unveil long-awaited innovations — enzyme scalp powder and liquid shine crystals.

Introducing RE:STORE Liquid Shine Crystals, a one-of-a-kind product designed for hair restoration. This unique formula brings a fresh level of moisture and shine to your hair. Infused with precious oils, these liquid shine crystals work their magic, instantly transforming your hair with a mirror-like gleam, leaving it remarkably soft and silky. Regular use of the product acts as a preventative measure against split ends.

DE:TOX Enzyme Scalp Powder is an effective solution for deeply cleansing the scalp. Free from abrasive particles or harsh components, it’s safe for sensitive skin. This enzyme powder minimizes the need for frequent hair washing, stimulates hair growth, and enhances its overall structure.

RE:FORM consistently introduces fresh perspectives in the beauty and care industry. With our latest products, your hair will thrive — becoming healthy, strong, and radiant!