FILL UP від jNOWA Professional

FILL UP by jNOWA Professional: A Revolution in Hair Care

ACME is thrilled to unveil the latest breakthrough in hair care: the keratin-vitamin complex FILL UP by jNOWA Professional. Crafted specifically for professional use, this complex breathes new life into damaged, bleached, extended, highlighted, curly, and fine hair, as well as hair treated with chemical perms.

FILL UP is an essential tool for hairstylists and colorists, empowering them to deliver dream-worthy hair to their clients. With FILL UP, you can expect:

  • Intensive restoration: damaged hair regains strength, health, and luster.

  • Strengthening and elasticity: hair becomes more resilient to mechanical damage and breakage.

  • Radiance and shine: strands are left smoother, silkier, and more vibrant.

  • Protection: hair receives a robust shield against environmental stressors.

The groundbreaking effectiveness of FILL UP lies in how its components work together synergistically. Each product in the lineup not only has its specific role but also enhances the effects of the others, resulting in a comprehensive hair restoration solution.

FILL UP consists of four key products:

  1. Shampoo: Gently cleanses the hair, preparing it for the subsequent restoration process.

  2. Mask: Penetrates deeply into the hair structure, saturating it with keratin and essential vitamins.

  3. Serum: Seals the hair cuticle, promoting strength and elasticity.

  4. Two-phase conditioner spray: Provides moisture, smoothness, and ease of detangling.

FILL UP represents a unique system that offers complete protection and rejuvenation for your hair. With its carefully curated blend of ingredients and holistic approach, FILL UP leaves your hair strong, healthy, and beautifully restored.