Серія ReGenix System by DeMira Professional

The Power of Three: ReGenix System for Comprehensive Hair Care

In 2024, DeMira Professional shook up the hair care industry with its groundbreaking ReGenix System. This innovative series is designed to professionally restore and protect weakened, damaged, thin, porous, and lightened hair.

The ReGenix System provides a holistic solution for hair restoration, delivering impeccable outcomes. With its trio of products — Multi-Action Elixir, Multi-Action Mask, and Multi-Action Mist — the series synergizes to offer comprehensive hair care:

  1. Multi-Action Elixir: Our concentrated elixir is infused with active molecules that penetrate deep into the hair structure, revitalizing it from the inside out. It strengthens roots and leaves locks with an incredible shine.

  2. Multi-Action Mask: This lipid-rich mask is specially designed to repair hair damaged by chemical treatments. The lipids in its formula fill in cracks in the hair’s structure, restoring strength and vitality to strands.

  3. Multi-Action Mist: Our two-phase conditioning spray provides hair with reliable protection against environmental damage. Its filters shield strands from harm, preventing dryness and breakage for healthier-looking hair.

Using the DeMira Professional ReGenix System ensures:

  • Rapid and effective hair restoration

  • Comprehensive protection against negative factors

  • A professional approach to hair care

Rest assured, with the DeMira Professional ReGenix System, your hair is in good hands!