Healthy Hair Institute


The company "ACME", following the fashion trends, offers a new and bright for toning



  • Takes care of hair at the same time providing it with a saturated shade and shine.
  • Has only caring and nutritional qualities
  • Hair bionization complex fixes the dye on the surface of the hair, aligns its structure, protects from aggressive environmental influences
  • Uniform staining TON IN TON or on TONE DARKER
  • DOES NOT CONTAIN oxidizers and ammonia
  • TRENDY shades palette


  • Tiare flower oil - possesses powerful moisturizing and regenerating properties. Restores shine and radiance, smoothing hair scales. Hair becomes durable and elastic.
  • Elixir fiber collagen - has the ability to fill the damaged areas of hair, fills in the missing collagen, laminates, softens and smoothes the hair.

The collection of tinting shampoo is represented by trendy 8 shades.